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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. thick gray clouds blanket the region bringing showers and possibly a few thunderstorms today. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. so how today's yellow alert affect your plans for the remainder of the day?
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allyson rae is keeping an eye on the weather and she joins us now with the forecast. it's ugly out there, allyson. >> it sure is but give it a couple of hours and things are going to improve greatly. here's what we're dealing with. some showers earlier this morning. we expected these. these are pretty light. we had a few rumbles of thunder through st. mary's county and charles county earlier this morning. now we're going to dry out. now is our time where the winds are going to pick up and our temperatures are going to soar and we're even going to see some sunshine. it won't be as ugly in just a few hours. here's a closer look. just a few swaths of rain out there just south of the district. these are going to go away near clinton and alexandria as well. it's cloudy and ugly, that's for sure. i want to bring your attention to the winds at 9 miles an hour going to gust up to 20. that is going to bring all the warm air. we'll add about 15 degrees to n. we're headed to the 70s. some areas warmer than that. culpeper 75 this afternoon.
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fredricksburg 77. enjoy it. it doesn't last for long. we have more thunderstorms headed our way for this evening. coming up i'm going to time this out for you but then the temperatures just plummet. all that is ahead coming up in just a bit. >> allyson, thank you. more severe weather is on its way today from illinois to texas. last night tornadoes destroyed a mobile home park in oklahoma and storms left a trail of debris in other parts of the state. one person was killed and several others hurt. >> everyone was screaming and crying. >> i was scared and praised god we were still alive. >> crews are working to restore power to more than 25,000 people. we are hearing some unsettling news about the germanwings plane crash that killed 150 people above including 58-year-old yvonne selke and her 23-year-old daughter emily from nokesville, virginia. authorities say the crash was deliberate and this is now a
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mass murder investigation. >> reporter: french prosecutors say the copilot of the doomed germanwings jet intentionally flew the plane into the side of a mountain. >> refused to open the door. turned the button -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: authorities say the cockpit voice recorder reveals that german copilot andreas lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit after he left to apparently use the bathroom. lubitz manually set the plane on a descent. investigators say the captain is heard pounding on the cockpit door to get back in as passengers screamed but the 28- year-old copilot did not respond. >> no word, no word during the ten last minutes. >> reporter: german and french investigators say lubitz had no terrorism background. he is from the german town of montebaura. he trained at a arrested arrested flight school in 2010 -- at an arizona flight school
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in 2010. family members of some of the 150 people who died are traveling to the french alps to get as close to the crash site as possible. in germany, a moment of silence was held this morning for 16 students and two teachers who died on their way back from an exchange program in spain. prosecutors told victims' families what was on the cockpit recorder before they made the details public. cbs news, france. >> lufthansa said lubitz trained in germany before flying for jer p.a.n.wings since -- germanwings since 2013. the student thrown to the ground by -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: about 1350 support -- 150 supporters were inside this small city courtroom.
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they packed it so full until there was standing room only. what sparked the outrage here and across the country of course were those pictures of martese johnson on the ground with bloodstreaming from his head. his friends say and witnesses say abc officers forced martese johnson to the ground for no reason. martese johnson was charged with abinstruction of justice and public instocks caig. though his friends say -- intoxication. though his friends say a breath lietzer showed a .02, considerably under the .08 legal limit for intoxication. however, the documents have not been made public. martese's friends and other witnesses say he was not beligerant. abc agents have said that in court documents. >> a saw a goal to continue to fight for martese and conduct our own independent investigation as well. >> martese knows we're behind him. when he walks through the door, he'll see all these students, ones he knows, ones he doesn't
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know just knowing a lot of us skipped class or came early before class to come here and be with him. >> reporter: the hearing took about five minutes. it was continued until may 28. in the meantime, the virginia state police are investigating the incident. and yesterday governor terry mcauliffe ordered abc officers to receive more training in a number of areas, including use of force. many folks here today are advocating taking away police powers of abc officers. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00 and also we will talk to a witness who says he was there and shot that video of martese johnson being forced to the ground or actually the video is of are a tease johnson already -- of martese johnson already on the ground. questions remain about what happened before that. i'm peggy fox reporting live in charlottesville. back to you. >> thank you. in 2013, abc agents arrested and jailed another uva student after they thought her case of bottle the water was
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beer. elizabeth daly was awarded more than $200,000 in a lawsuit. former u.s. congressman jesse jackson, jr. is out of prison. he was released this morning from a federal facility near montgomery, alabama. his release comes a year and a half after he pleaded guilty to illegally spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. jackson will serve the remainder of his sentence at a halfway house here in the district. a woman and her daughter are telling a disturbing story about what happened as they walked along a popular bike path. they say a man sitting on a park bench exposed himself as they approached. it happened on the b&a trail in glen bernie yesterday morning. police have now arrested the suspect, this man, michael james sherman with no fixed address. he's charged with indecent exposure. the search resumes for 5- year-old noah thomas. he was last seen watching cartoons in his living room early sunday morning in dublin.
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police and volunteers have searched nearby fields, combed through woods and imd roadsides but still -- and examined roadsides but still nothing. they have covered 7 square miles around the home. we got a sneak peek at these to bars. they're andean bear cubs and are extremely rare. you can start visiting them this saturday. their names are new, voted by people who went online. see how military muscle is helping iraq take down
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at. police have linked 25 people to tunisia's attack on the museum. one nigerian and to moroccan suspects are still on the run.
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21 people were killed. u.s. air strikes to help iraq retake tikrit are expected to continue for days. the u.s. air strikes started yesterday at the request of iraq. the goal is to retake tikrit from islamic state fighters the bombing marks the significant expansion of the u.s. military role in iraq. also this morning, yemen's ruling militants are staging massive protests in response to saudi arabia air strikes against them. the strikes are targeting assets around the capital. officials say 14 people were killed and dozens have been injured. there was a terrifying scene today on one highway in missouri. police say a gunman randomly started shooting at cars. one woman inside a pickup was hit ties. another innocent bystander was critically injured. the suspect was captured.
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the man led them on a 40-mile chase. allyson rae is up next with more on how today's yellow alert could affect your plans for the evening. >> i'm here on the weather terrace. it's dry. not too bad. temperatures are on the rise. i'm going to be tracking those storms for you this evening. stay tuned. your forecast is
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technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways
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to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all workreal estate has too. a technological battle is brewing on capitol hill. on one side supporters of something called vehicle-to- vehicle technology. b-2 v as it's known allows cars on the road to communicate with each other and assistantly improve -- significantly improve safety. on the other side lawmakers who want the technology to improve wi-fi access for the public. kris van cleave has more.
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>> reporter: a sudden obstacle in the the road makes this car slam on its brakes. the car behind warnsity driver in time to swerve thanks to wireless vehicle to vehicle communication known as v2v. after more than half a billion dollars in taxpayer money spent, this technology which can save an estimated 183,000 lives a year may now be asked to make room for wi-fi. >> it's an opportunity for more people to get on to the internet. >> reporter: senators cory booker and marco rubio introduced the act -- [ inaudible ] >> we're ensuring the safety needs of the auto industry will be met while also giving more opportunities for more innovation, more job creation. >> reporter: the bill has bipartisan supporters in congress and would require the fcc to evaluate if wi-fi and v2v can company inexpies. dr. peter swetman has been working on the technology for five years and is asking congress not to pass the bill
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fearing it marks open season on v2v's bandwight. >> our concern is -- band wit. v2v could be standard in cars in a few years but sweatman worries the wi-fi sharing bill could expand that. wusa9 is proud to -- proud to announce a brand new partnership with the "washington post." starting today our video, stories and links to more content will appear on the post website. and "washington post" video and photography will appear on our newscast and websites. the station manager and news director says, we believe this will extend our brand and improve the overall quality of our product on television and online. with each new model year, more and more of the systems in our cars are run by computers. and with systems like keyless entry, wi-fi and automated driving, vehicles have the potential to become a favorite
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target for hackers. but as reporter james gilbert shows us, the university of virginia is partnering with a private company to try and stop hacks. >> to date there are no known cyberattacks that have taken place against cars but many cyberattacks that have taken place against all types of systems. >> reporter: ceo dave dresser knows you can hack just about anything and cars are next. >> cars, a great example, were not designed to defend against advanced cyberattacks. >> reporter: all it takes is a remote car starter to take over your vehicle and do some pretty scary things. >> normally your car would automatically slow down, but this cyberattack basically deactivates that so your car instead of slowing down actually speeds up and slams into the car in front of it. >> reporter: ed solar knows how powerful this can be in the wrong hands. >> the stuff we do is kind of scary because you realize how easy it is to get into. the technologies that we use every day, to be able to see what's going on insides the system and make changes inside
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the system. >> just a small device that you plug into the bottom of your car near the steering wheel can monitor the entire vehicle just as long as you turn the key. >> reporter: how do we defend an attack? mission secure has a computer that does five duties: monitor your car, detect a portion then inform the driver, mix the problem and tell you what happened. >> plug it into the car and do that as an after-market way to pocket against cyberattacks. >> reporter: all this technology has to happen really fast. >> or you don't have a few minutes to think about it. it's literally real time. and so we're building these protections and taking as you said the automatic corrective action. >> reporter: the company works closely with uva and the united states department of defense to get a consumer product on the market. >> what we're doing is trying to take our technology and make it stronger and better and more cost effective so it's
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affordable for everybody's car. you started out on the wementer terrace with your -- weather terrace with your rain slicker. then the next time we saw you no slicker and no umbrella. what's going on? >> we have a few short hours of nice weather. that's about as good as it's going to get. we had some rain this morning. it was a little dreary cloudity out there. it's still cloudy but we'll see things clear up before more storms arrive for this evening. then the weekend, yeah, it's going to be a little cold. let's take a look outside doppler 9000. we had those showers push on troop. not much to speak of. we did have -- push on through. not much to speak of. we did have a few showers but it's drying out. what's left for the rest of the afternoon, we're talking very stray showers. you can see a couple through charles county. not much. it is going to be pretty dry and now the winds are going to pick up. it's going to be very windy but
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it's bringing some warmer weather. not the best picture out here. i'm looking at the washington monument. cloudy, 55 degrees. we're going to add about 15 to that. even for areas farther south through the district or south of the district, you're going to see the upper 70s possibly. i know it's hard to believe witnesses' so cloudy -- when it's so cloudy out there but we will see things break up for a few short hours. right through the shenandoah valley, 72 for winchester, 72 for front royal. luray 73. so those warm temperatures are going to move on in. they don't last for long. these are forecast highs. we're in this nice warm sector. here's the cold front. and behind the cold front cold air. so that's going to be headed our way for friday. and really on saturday is when you'll notice the biggest difference. it's going to be blustery. let's time this out for you as it slides through our area right in time for your evening commute. most folks will wait till you're home and safely enjoying some dinner as you see the storms start to approach. between 4:00 and 5:00 for the panhandle of maryland,
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hagerstown, down through martinsburg, along winchester, parts of 81. after that it 5:00 and 7:00 it starts to make its way through 270, gaithersburg, leesburg and you can see the red pockets. we'll have quick downpours, rumbles of thowndzer as well. as we -- thunder as well. as we head to 8:00, 9:00, winds stay out of the south. overnight we dry out a bit. the thunderstorms lose some intensity but we do see the showers stick around. this is 7:00 in the morning on friday. we're going to have a few wet flakes. look how warm the temperatures are. we'll -- we're into the 40s. it will melt right away but most areas will see showers stick around. by mid- to late morning, it continues. these are just showers but temperatures are dropping with the help of a northerly wind. and a few lingering showers. friday might not be the most comfortable day. same goes for saturday. saturday the winds will howl out of the northwest and temperatures barely making it into the 40s. feeling into the 30s when you factor in the wind. with that a couple of quick
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passing snow showers. so showers and storms this evening. topper will be tracking them at 5:00. for friday 53. saturday is when the cold air really sets in. then we warm back up. sunshine and into the 50s for sunday. back to the 60s by next week.
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success on the mountain. success this business. that's what susan believes. she is the fourth american woman to climb the seventh summit and the 12th to climb mt. everest. her latest book is called "conquering the seven summits of sales" and we're glad to have you with us. your first book "on top of the world" was very personal. but this one, what you learned climbing is what you're applying to business and you're
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trying to help the rest of us climb that mountain as well. >> absolutely, hopefully helping everyone reach their dreams and either professionally or personally. >> your mantra, the three ps. you say project, prepare, and persevere. what do you mean in projecting? >> project as project your future. always having that clear vision of where you're going to go and then prepare, put the plan together, travel light, do the things that -- the activities that are going to be important and persevere. we're all going to get knocked down. we all have obstacles of course going back until we're finished. >> what put the two together, the climbing and the business success that you said this is a great fell lossty. i can -- philosophy, i can share with others. >> what i learned in climbing, having that vision, working hard but also having a plan, being an expert. working with meantors. working with experts that can help us, all those keys that
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made it successful. >> is it harder in a career, like a sales career? obviously our big sales thing on pop culture is mad men and that cut throat kind of business they're in. but is being in the sales career different than being in any other career that these principles really make it worthwhile? >> would i love about sales is you have a number and it's a revenue number. climbing everest, 29,035 feet. so you have a definite objective and vision. so i like that. but a lot of people are in sales even though their titles are not sales, of course. we all have to work with colleagues and persuade a lot of people in our lives so that's really what the book is all about for sure. >> less than 30 seconds, what's your next climbing at venture? you've done the seven continents? what's the next climb? >> i did. i'm married to an international mountain guide. what we do is we go on a tracking year. we've been doing that well over a couple of decades. >> congratulations on your
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accomplishments in business and climbing mountains. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. that's it for us at noon. we'll be back of course at 5:00. have a great day. i'll see you tomorrow
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>> billy: you become a couple, and you get close, but somehow it still feels like -- like you're clueless sometimes, like you don't know what to say or how to react and... i don't know. it's like learning a new dance or something. >> victoria: yeah, because you know so much about dancing. [ both laugh ] >> billy: i'll have you know that i've been watching ballroom dancing how-to videos. eh, don't ask. it's one of chelsea's things. >> victoria: oh. i had no idea. >> billy: yeah, me either. but i guess that's the point, huh? learning new things, trying not to step on people's toes, trying not to act like an idiot. >> victoria: that's how i was today with ben. i was just trying to comfort him, you know, and all the things that i said to him were just so off the mark.


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